Miracle Magic Slimming Belt

Burn Fat around the Waist, Arms and Thighs.

Suitable for Men & Women of All Ages.

What to say

“I tried it just for fun, and to my surprise, it really works! My jeans feel looser, I’ve definitely lost several inches and all without toiling at the gym.” – Clarice Ho


  • No injections, medication, or surgery with usage of a high-nano technology slimming belt that burns excess body fats.
  • Suitable for both men and women of all ages and sizes. Good for slimming, backaches, and blood circulation.
  • Able to buy unlimited amount of belts.
  • Product promotes effective body metabolism, improves blood circulation, regulates the nervous system, relieves and smoothens body aches, eliminates fatigue, burns excess fats, and enhances body curves.
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Description (written by outlet.sg)

Jogging. Going to the gym. Weight-lifting. Hiking. Swimming, Cycling. Having a lithe and trim figure is the ultimate dream, but the tremendous amount of work that goes into it can be a complete nightmare. Thanks to the Gods of Technology and Utter Awesomeness, however, there are heaven-sent slimming innovations in helping us mere mortals who aren’t blessed with the body of Rosie Huntington, starting with the Miracle Magic Slimming Belt.

Making use of high-nano technology to burn body fats without injections, medication or surgery, the Miracle Magic Belt is suitable for men and women of all ages and sizes. A far cry from the torture of going against gravity in uphill jogging sessions, all you have to do is to slip on the belt and let it work its magic.


Customers can choose from belts to target either the arms, waist, or thighs. Additionally, other benefits of the Miracle Magic Slimming Belt include promoting effective body metabolism, improving blood circulation, regulating the nervous system, relieving body aches, eliminating fatigue, and enhancing body curves. They say that nothing good ever comes easy, but thankfully for us, there are exceptions to every scenario.

Instructions for using the Miracle Magic Slimming Belt

Apply some water onto the belt heating area and wrap the belt closely to the body without leaving any gaps. After 5-10 minutes, you will feel a hot sensation which indicates the effective activation of the burning of excess body fats.

Company Info

With The Skin Professionals as one of its subsidiaries, Beafully Singapore is an established company that prides itself with distributing Swiss beauty products that are specially designed with the finest German technology. This Aesthetic business has been running over 20 years and have expanded successfully across global and international countries with more than 3 million people in its customer base.

Product Capabilities

To promote effective body metabolism, improve blood circulation, regulate the nervous system, endocrine activation, relieving and smoothen body aches, eliminate fatigue, burning of excess fats and achieve healthy body weight and enhance attractive body curves.

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